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i dont even know i decided to because i always thought it would be like dating a guy in any other race.

everything ive been reading has been scaring me badly.

so he is most likely to go back to india for an arranged marrage.i havent talk to him about this because i think that it is too soon.I've read on several forums how American woman get really upset because they feel betrayed by indian men. Honest conversation something I will discuss later. The Indian cultural is still very traditional in the eastern views that the parents will decide and arrange for a partner. In fact I'm in something similiar with one exception...i never knew how set in there ways indian families are.

i didnt know untill i decided to search dating indian men.What you want to subject yourself to is your business; but when you enable more Indian men to tear the hearts of western women by excusing their lack of fortitude, then you open your viewpoint to criticism. He was a lovely lovely man, and truly special, but I just thought, well, I'm too old for this crap - like the previous poster, I'm not a teenager anymore, neither is he.I went out with an Indian man and found myself being cut off from his family and friends as he was scared of what his relatives would think if they found out that we were dating. Relationships are all about responsibility and loyalty and shared plans. End of (beautiful) but short this is so ridiculous to me .and I am very sorry to say this, but I thought he was only a friend for me. This is the foundation of maturity and moral progression as a whole .But along the way, I started to fall in love with him. Those children who refuse to stand up to their parent's request for life-long sacrifice by entering a marriage where there is no love, are cowardly.The only event that will cause us to end the relationship will be the forcing of an arranged marriage that his parents are working on and have been for several years.