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kissing your neck and whispering in your ear how much she wants to bang you. You both fall onto the couch, racing to get undressed… groaning and saying things that you just wouldn’t be able to repeat to your friends (f**k me big boy! It can also induce a full climax WITHOUT ejaculating.

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The next time you’re inside a girl and you feel yourself about to blow…take it out, squeeze the head for 5 seconds with your forefinger and thumb, wait for the sensation to go. It’s more or less a quick fix, but it still gets the job done.Here I am doing my best to change this situation for better. 2 TYPES OF FLUIDS FROM THE VAGINA First type is vaginal ejaculate, which is rather a fluid that lubricates the vagina walls and oozes during the sexual arousal.So when a girl says, “You are making me so wet…” this is the clinical explanation for what is going on. (Be so kind and tolerate a bit of academic language here). If you’re serious about getting this problem solved, then I highly recommend you So there are TONS of premature ejaculation products and quick tricks that claim to increase your stamina in bed.

This is how to do them: This is an easy one, but works a treat, so make sure you use it.ARE ALL WOMEN CAPABLE OF HAVING A SQUIRTING ORGASM?All women have the Paraurethral / Skenes glands so ALL women are capable of producing this liquid and can eventually achieve female ejaculation!The fluid is similar to the prostate fluid within male ejaculate. Nerve endings are becoming awake allowing a woman to experience levels of pleasure, which had been unknown to her before.Those sensations will increase with each new squirting experience.However G-spot is a place not so easy to find particularly when woman is not sexually aroused. This is the reason why so many doctors cannot find G-spot during medical evaluations.