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Over 80% of Dubai’s population is made up of non-Emiratis.

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If you are open to making friends with people of different nationalities, then you’ll find that your time in Dubai will be both enjoyable and rewarding.

You can see international movies in Dubai, create a language-exchange group, or just spend time learning about the lifestyle of someone with a background different than your own.

Take it slow and give your new acquaintance time to get to know you, so that the friendship develops naturally.

In Dubai, topics to avoid at first meeting are those to do with politics and religion.

Some people are shy, and the thought of creating a new social network fills them with dread.

Others are natural extroverts, and think nothing of striking up a conversation with complete strangers.

The minute you move to Dubai, you’ll notice that the neighborhoods are spread out.

Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residences, and Downtown Dubai are popular areas to live, as are Mirdif and Arabian Ranches, however, heavy traffic means that you might want to stay in your neighborhood for socializing after work. A popular group activity these days is supper clubs.

For women especially, it is useful to have a non-intrusive way to get to know others, without handing out your new Dubai phone number.

One suggestion is to have an email address that you can give to your new acquaintances, so that you can take your time in getting to know them.

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