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A stunning reunion setting for us with a 360 degree view of Colombo and a horizon pool.

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The next morning an excellent buffet breakfast introduced us all to fresh fruit with curd and treacle and egg hoppers and dosa with sambal.

A glorious way to start the day , it is fair to say we keep to these choices for the rest of the trip.

Stopping at this oasis downing ginger beer certainly helped.

Along the way we saw many interesting sights driving through various villages.

Devotees pay their respects to the Lord Muruga, son of Shiva, by hanging from hooks pierced in their skins.

This extreme show of devotion is usually to say thank you for a miraculous blessing that has occurred to the individual or their family.

In fact, the existing factory was declared open in 1954 by the Duke of Edinburgh and the tea served at Queen Elizabeth’s 60 anniversary celebration was from a plot planted by the Duke at this time.

None of us had every thought about how tea was processed and we had a tour of the factory that was surprisingly informative and entertaining.

A difficult drive and although only 164 kilometres it did take us six hours with a break along the way to rest by the River Kelani (setting of the movie “Bridge of the river Kwai”).

Very few of us escaped the day without feeling car sick and if this is something that affects you being stocked up with drugs is essential.

Our wonderful driver Saliya ( Sally) picked us up from the hotel for the next part of the trip.