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“What drives us is the opportunity to share our attractions, our history and our culture with people from around the world.We’re looking forward to a busy season ahead.” 2017 Halifax Cruise highlights include: A complete vessel posting can be found at the Cruise Halifax website at We are community focused, participating in many events around the Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia (such as other festivals, parades, and gaming events).

Before the pro-charge/arrest policy, it was not uncommon for victims to feel too fearful to ask police officers to press charges, and the abuser has at times threatened or intimidated the victim into not laying charges.

After an arrest has been made, police typically place what’s called an “undertaking” on the abuser/accused to have no contact with the victim.

For local tourism providers, planning for the upcoming season is well underway.

“Those of us fortunate enough to live here know how special our region is,” said Dennis Campbell, CEO, Ambassatours Gray Line.

Acting abusively is a choice, and abusers need to take responsibility to change their behaviour and get professional help. It is criminal behaviour that abusers use deliberately and purposefully to gain power and control over others.

Victims stay in abusive relationships out of fear, financial insecurity or dependence, a lack of support, a hope for change, and the belief that they have no other choice. Call Victim Services at 902.490.5300 to get help or discuss your options.

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Hal-Con is a sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention run completely by much-too-dedicated volunteers.

If the abuser makes contact and does not follow the order, the victim can report the contact to police.

Once the police find out (from the victim or otherwise) that the abuser has breached their no contact order, the abuser/accused will be charged by police.

Women are also far more likely to be murdered by their past/present male intimate partners.