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The sight of a volcanic tornado has been captured on camera over a fissure at the foot of an erupting volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island.

The rare phenomenon came as lava from Kilauea destroyed hundreds more homes overnight, overtaking two oceanfront communities advised to evacuate last week.

“We’re just getting a series of earthquakes.” The lava lake at Kilauea’s summit crater dropped significantly, suggesting the magma was moving eastward towards Puna, a mostly rural district of forests, papaya farms and lava fields left by previous eruptions.

Earlier this week the crater floor began to collapse, triggering earthquakes and pushing the lava into new underground chambers.

The collapse caused magma to push more than 10 miles (16km) downslope towards the populated southeast coastline. In 2014, lava burned a house and destroyed a cemetery near the town of Pahoa.

continues to flow southeast," with the quickest of three "lobes" progressing at 230 yards (210 meters) per hour.

An aerial view of a flow of lava moves to the doorsteps of the Puna Geothermal Venture facility after a new fissure eruption within Leilani Estates sending a fast moving flow of lava began to consume homes and property, near Pahoa, Hawaii The fissure complex, pictured in the upper right, continues to feed a meandering lava flow (in the center).

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