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Today, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation owns over 500 properties worldwide.

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Upon returning home and checking my visa, I found they had charged us for the room twice with 2 different charges.

After two phone calls talking to the clerk on duty that night as well as a manager, they promised to refund the second charge.

We are on a long road trip back from FL and shouldn’t have to gone through all these at midnight. If we didn’t showed up, we will still get charge for the room.

Second, the hotel front desk never did their job of finding us a comparable room. Overall, this is the worst customer service I have ever received from a hotel chain.

I have checked my Visa bill online and it still hasn’t come through after 3 days.

We come through Charlotte every spring, but this has certainly affected my attitude to Hyatt hotels.

That’s a room they called comparable to their room at this Hyatt Place Hendersonville location.

I called the Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express within 2 miles and both have rooms available.

In 1968, Hyatt International was formed and hotels were opened in Hong Kong. In 2009, the company went public again as the result of lawsuits within the Pritzker family.

In 2011, the company acquired the Hotel Sierra chain.

However, we were shocked to arrive to find many people freely smoking everywhere at the resort.