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With hands-on coaching, Anna brings clarity to how dating works in the real world and what you can do to reach your own happily ever after.

Dating coach Anna Maria Jorgensen, known in Vancouver as the Wingmam, knows how to talk singles through dating issues and bring out the best in her clients.

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And, of course, her one-on-one coaching services are available to back up singles in need of personalized advice or recommendations.Anna knowledgeably helps people define their dating objectives, create a targeted strategy, and pick a partner with compatible values.She began by writing love advice online and then transitioned to rewriting dating profiles for men.Today, she has a full-blown personalized coaching service for singles seeking love.Whether you’re searching for a dream home or a long-term partnership, having that objective eye to assess what actually fits your needs can be very helpful to anyone on the market. You need to have some skill in the persuasion department to help people arrive at decisions that benefit them,” Anna noted.

“Once they agree to the change, it’s easier to get the person to take the action that’s best for them in the real world.” Anna’s approach to dating coaching is all-encompassing.

Anna told us, as a matchmaker, she uses a lot of the people skills she learned as a real estate agent. A lot of it is understanding what people want versus what they think they want,” she explained.

“You have to know what’s the why behind it.” In both lines of work, Anna learned to see beyond a person’s list of qualities and criteria to get to the heart of what people truly wanted.

This was a huge confirmation for Anna that she had something valuable to say to singles and could make a difference in their lives.

She decided to learn more about the ins and outs of dating so she could teach single men and women as a professional dating coach.

He was in the tech industry, successful, and commitment-oriented, but he had low self-esteem in terms of talking to women.