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First, all property must be identified; regardless of whether it is considered marital or separate it must be identified.

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If there is any question as to the value of the home, the court can look at the tax value or an appraisal.

Not every piece of property is that easy to classify and value, however.

The 1st Infantry Division of the United States Army, nicknamed “The Big Red One,” was the first unit to deploy and engage in battle during WWI, WWII, and Vietnam.

Established on June 8, 1917, the First Division has taken part in nearly every American War and is the longest continuously-serving division of the US Army.

Ravenswood Studio fabricated and installed the exhibits.

Northern Light Productions, Unified Field, Creative Technologies and Brave New Pictures developed the interactive and media content.Powerful immersive experiences remain intact, such as walking through a WWI trench, onto Omaha Beach and through the jungles of Vietnam.As before, the compelling record of the Division is presented in the context of broader history, inviting museum visitors to engage in the tough issues of war and peace.The concept of property division, or equitable distribution, is an issue in nearly every divorce.Child support and custody only apply to couples with children, and even alimony isn’t applicable in every divorce.In North Carolina, there is a presumption that marital property should be divided evenly between the parties, but that presumption can be rebutted if there are factors present that would warrant an unequal distribution. For example, if a husband and wife purchased a 0,000 house during the marriage (unencumbered) that would be considered marital property and each party would be entitled to a value of 0,000.