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My own J&B experience stems from John Carpenter’s 1982 classic .The protagonist, the chopper pilot Mac Cready played by a young, hirsute Kurt Russell, must have a pallet of J&B stashed at that Antarctic research station, because he opens the movie by pouring some into and destroying his irritating chess computer.

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The Scotch On the nose, J&B has a sweetly nutty character, with hints of peat smoke and wood.

That character carries over onto the palate, where it has a sickly sweet and grainy taste.

Despite the name, there is nothing rare about J&B Rare whatsoever.

This is the entry-level scotch of one of the most mass market labels around, a fact exemplified by J&B billing itself as “The World’s Party Whisky.” You can find the green glass bottle, yellow labeling and red print of J&B just about anywhere that alcohol is legal, and it’s been the drink of choice for everyone from Truman Capote to John Wayne Gacy.

(They did not actually the bottles in which these products were contained.) As business increased, in 1885 operations were moved from Plainview to Winona, Minnesota.

The very first bottles sold are assumed to date as far back as 1868, but I doubt that the with the “Watkins” name, but would have likely been “generic” handblown bottles with just a paper label to indicate contents.This only changes with the finish, which starts out positively cold, but ends with a little bite.I didn’t care for that, but it was at least different.Many of the bottles from the 1920s-1940s are quite common, and are usually in clear glass.Sometimes the embossed name is in a cursive font, and sometimes in a plain “block style lettering”. Watkins company is still in business (as of 2013) . Most bottles now sold have just a paper label showing the contents, without an embossed marking in the glass itself (if the bottle is even made of glass). Watkins distributed many different types of household products including cleaning products, food extracts and flavorings, cosmetics, home remedies, and other products.