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"I had just spent the summer cutting tobacco, which is a miserable job.

The usually fit Clooney gained roughly 30 pounds to play a government agent in the film, which explored political intrigue and corruption in the Middle East.Badly hurt during the filming of a scene, he damaged the membrane around his spine.Clooney hung around the set for a good three months, where he worked as an extra and even landed a few lines.To make extra money, he loaned his old Monte Carlo to his uncle and cousin for a day.To make ends meet, he picked up whatever work he could find.

He even ran errands for his aunt and chauffeured her around town.

At the Clooney supper table, the family often discussed current events.

Nick, a true newsman, had grown up in awe of men like CBS news anchor Edward R. Exposed to the entertainment industry at a young age, Clooney made his first television appearance at 5 years old, playing sketch characters on the local talk shows his dad hosted. Staying close to home, he attended Northern Kentucky University, where he studied broadcast journalism. He didn't think he had what it took to become a good television journalist, and he hated the constant comparisons to his father.

The movie never got released, but the experience gave Clooney the acting bug again.

Encouraged by his cousin Miguel, Clooney decided to move to Los Angeles to become an actor when the movie shoot was over.

His father, Nick, spent many years as a television personality and news anchor.