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Mei stated how many don’t believe that a guy as ugly as he is (his words) could find a wife as pretty as his.

And thus, he gives other Asian men advice about love at his dating club and dating agency. He was rejected from receiving a highly institutionalized education due to failing a university entrance examination in China.

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Furthermore, his female members’ age group ranges from 17 years old to early/mid-20s. Mei, women of Ukraine normally marry early before the age of 23, so that’s why the female members are young. So, he moved to Ukraine to begin a new life in 2001.

With all these odds set against him, no one would ever think he would’ve gained the success he has today in his personal and professional life.

Everyone deserves to find love and happiness, and for someone who is in the same boat as other wonderful Chinese men who will normally be overlooked by pretty women wonder what his secret is.

Mei Aisi, 35, has been enjoying the fruits of his labor alongside his beautiful wife, Daria Mei, and their precious and beautiful baby, Alice.

Being an inspiration to tons of Asian men, Mei Aisi has taken his success to help other amazing Chinese and other Far Eastern men who are considered to be less attractive or successful.

Mei Aisi, who once upon a time was considered ‘ugly and academically unsuccessful’, became an Internet sensation when he posted pictures of his beautiful, Ukrainian wife.

This organization has certified thousands of matchmakers in dozens of countries, giving their seal of approval to legitimize new names and promote experienced brands.

As MMI’s Founder and President, Lisa mentors matchmakers the world over, in more than 25 countries, and helps matchmaking services establish successful businesses built on experience and honesty. You can’t be the only matchmaker in the world,” Arlene stated.

With being in business for just over a year, Ulove is already making great progress in couples finding serious mates and engagements. Mei is expecting to expand his organization to neighboring countries, such as Russia and Belarus.

The Short Version: In 2003, Lisa Clampitt founded The Matchmaking Institute (MMI) to foster collaboration among matchmaking professionals.

Based in Kharkiv, Mei works hard to so that everyone has a chance of happiness and love.