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For girls who find themselves uninterested in boys, there’s an overwhelming feeling of shame. ” Even girls who are friends with boys at a young age feel disconnected. Young lesbians do not entirely fit in among the boys, but they don’t fit in among the girls either.

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Diane echoed the sentiment, saying:“I did not come out until I was 18 about 2 months after high school graduation.

I knew there was something different about me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I’ve been searching for my community since I was 16, scrolling through the pages of After Ellen and watching You Tube videos about “lesbian terms” I should know.

I don’t think I’d know anything about the community I’m a part of without the internet.

I can type “lesbian dating” into Google and find a hundred websites.

I can connect with other lesbians through hashtags on Kabi Nagata, which is a memoir about coming to terms with sexuality and the loneliness that often accompanies that journey.It’s a loneliness I and other lesbians my age know well, and it got me thinking about lesbians are constantly feeling alone, especially in a time when we LGBT people as a whole are increasingly visible.I just innately knew that I couldn’t share my “secret” with anyone.That it was something “I should just never talk about.” It was a lonely, scary, unsettling feeling to realize that I was so different from every girl I knew.”Our language helps us to feel a sense of connection to each other when we feel like we have to hide our identities from the world.A “silver star” lesbian is a lesbian who has slept with men in the past before she realized she was a lesbian, and a “lone star” is a lesbian who slept with a man once and immediately knew that it wasn’t for her.