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Why you should date an older man Need a little more convincing to give the older guy a shot?Here are some of the reasons dating an older man may do you some good. It may be a given that the older man ranks a lot higher in the career ladder than guys your age. This means that when it comes to money, he’s got no problem.Heck, they may not even be so sure about what they want in the first place.

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While the younger guys you’re used to dating may be into the latest heavy metal band or the coolest hip hop dance moves, the older man’s tastes would be considered more timeless.We’re not saying he’s stuck in the past or anything.He’s ahead of you in the game, so he’s probably got some high-level moves that you’d never have heard of.And since he’s not up to date on the latest trends when it comes to getting all worked up, as what the younger guys would read from their men’s magazines, you may be surprised that he’s got a couple of old school moves that you never thought you’d enjoy.Don’t take this to mean that he would be manipulative. We’re saying that an older man has more knowledge, when it comes to the different means of getting what he wants.

For instance, he may know that simply saying sorry for arguing with you won’t work.On a side note, so what if he needs a little pharmaceutical help to get him started?That just means he’s willing to go all in, just so he can pleasure you!And unlike a younger guy who’s more likely to fight with you over your little quirks, the older man knows when he needs to back off and just give you some space. In all of the times he has failed, he knows how he managed to get back up and get what he wants.With younger guys, they may not be sure how to get something or someone they want.He’s familiar with the mood swings and sudden impulses of twentysomething women.