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After 2 or 3 months they start to behave as portuguese bitches. Girls are so fucking validated and entitled up to a crazy level.

No wonder its in the "hard" group on that map that shows how easy is to bang girls in all the different countries in the world.

When his brother came in from the fields faint with hunger, Jacob would not give him food without bargaining over it. He practiced deception upon his blind father with the covering of kid skins.

He violated his conscience when he allowed his mother to draw him away from the path of honor and integrity.

Regarding myself, as an average or a bit above average portuguese man (physically speaking), i'm just happy that i've got the academic formation which allow me to get a job anywhere in world. Addicional info: i was only able to get a one night stand in Portual with a 40 years old milf.

The foreign girls i've picked up here had arrived shortly in the country, and therefore, still not infected.

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