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Person A can be born on any day of the year since they’re the first person we’re asking.

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When it came to my turn I stated my birthdate as “two cubed, three cubed,” which made the class laugh as our cerebral professor took awhile to decipher the date.

Anyway like he predicted before he got to the last student a pair of matching birthdays had been found.

The American National Election Studies also asked voters to predict the most likely winner of the race, as it’s been doing since 1952.

It found that 61 percent of voters expected Clinton to win, as compared to 33 percent for Trump.

We only want the product of the integers from 365 to 336, so we’ll divide out the extraneous numbers by dividing 365! Of course, we want the complement so we’ll subtract it from 1 to find the probability that at least 2 people in a group of 30 share the same day of birth.

Turns out it was a pretty safe bet for our professor!

different sets of adjectives that a test-taker can receive.

We can apply the naive definition of probability, with the numerator being the number of ways that Bob can match Alice on 4 out of 5 adjectives, plus the number of ways that Bob can match Alice on 5 out of 5 adjectives.

Regular voters, it turns out, were not especially confident about Clinton’s chances last year.