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In case of five or six presentations in one time slot, each report shall be scheduled for 12-15 minutes and a 5-minute discussion immediately afterwards.

The presentation files (format ppt or pptx) should be downloaded to the computer available in a lecture room at least 10 minutes before the beginning of a particular session.

The pause creates a sense of curiosity for the person listening, and they're more likely to want to hear more.

Try it yourself by recording a fake voice message and listen to how pausing helps.

I want you to make sure that you're not just saying these lines just to say them; you need to say them with passion and a whole range of different tonalities.

She can't see your face when you're calling, but when you smile it will reflect in your tone of voice.

Ever since our article,how to talk to a girl on the phone, we've been getting many questions about what to say when the phone call leads to her voicemail.

It can be a difficult task because how do you a leave a voice message where you don't sound needy, creepy, or too contrived for her to call you back?

If the voice message is memorable / funny / awesome, there is a high chance she'll save it on her phone.

You don't know how many girls I've been with who have told me that they still keep my voice message and listen to it when they need a quick laugh. It's fun to do for yourself because you have free rein to be as creative as you want with your voice message.

I understand our method is to side step any pre-conceived pick up lines, so I ask that you take what I'm about to tell you as guidelines for your next voice messages.