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He was once nearly killed by an elephant, which charged and crushed him in 1996. He was the grandfather of Little Edie, Bouvier “Buddy,” Phelan Jr., Lee, and Jackie (his favorite).

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He successfully sought membership in Manhattan’s Union and Racquet Clubs and, on Long Island, the Maidstone and Piping Rock Clubs.A proudly American, flag-waving Republican, his name was also on the roster of fashionable associations in Washington, D. The Major typified a sort of Victorian refinement: his hair was trimmed twice weekly; he was a stylish dresser; his mustache was carefully groomed and waxed until the points stood out beyond his cheeks; he preserved an immaculate physique even into his 60’s.He was a loyal friend to Jackie Kennedy, and taught her how to take photographs.His photographs of fashion models, African animals, and the journals that often integrate his photographs have been widely shown and published since the 1970’s.Aristocratic and adventure-loving, Beard (his great-grandfather started a railroad, his grandfather invented the tuxedo) was a Yale man once married to supermodel Cheryl Tiegs.

Besides his house near the lighthouse in Montauk, he owns a ranch in Kenya, and also is credited with discovering supermodel Iman, who hails from Somalia. (aka “The Major”) was proud patriarch of the Bouviers, the father of Big Edith, William “Bud”, John III, and red-headed twins Maude and Michelle.

Bachrach is one of the most respected photography studios in America, with a long list of important clients. As such, Edie claimed that it was Buddy that arranged for the Village of East Hampton to raid the home.

After Jackie and Lee stepped in to repair the home, he reluctantly paid the back property taxes on the property.

In 1890, he married Maude Sargeant, the beautiful, English-born daughter of a wealthy paper manufacturer.

He purchased the family home Lasata, strategically situated near the ocean and the Maidstone Club, with his wife’s money in 1925.

Information on many of the prinicpal players in the Beales’ lives is often few and far between. (aka “Buddy”) was the youngest of the three children of Edith and Phelan Beale.