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We had a soft launch a little over a year and a half ago, however have made many tweaks to the app since.The app is available globally on i OS on the Apple App Store, and on Android on the Google Play Store.

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The Vedic astrology component–also known as Jyotish astrology–draws on all three criteria to prepare separate unique horoscope charts (or birth charts) for users and their partners.

The horoscope charts, included in Love Digits’ Unlimited Access plan, identify each person’s Sidereal Zodiac sign and provide a “map of the universe” (i.e.

Dating in New York was an interesting experience to say the least.

There are many dating apps on the market that help people meet, however narrowing the search to people that were compatible was hard and very time consuming.

The app is free to download with unlimited ability to get quick compatibility scores.

For .99, you can upgrade and gain unlimited access to the more detailed sections; the compatibility score breakdown and match comparison sections.Although the importance of matchmaking algorithms has taken a backseat in recent years, with the proliferation of swipe-based dating apps, they are still the cornerstone of many of the biggest online dating services.And one new service is urging both singles and couples to take an unorthodox approach to exploring their suitability, by relying on the traditional “tried and tested” workings of Indian and Chinese astrology and numerology.I am a life-long believer in astrology, and brought in an astrology expert to guide the development of the Love Digits app.I strongly believe astrology can help match people with more compatible partners.I am a strong believer in astrology and wanted to create a tool that was easily accessible to check compatibility based on astrology, and essentially help narrow down the folks you end up dating or need to stay away from!