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Am I supposed to find a model number stamped on the fork, as with most other bicycle components, or should I deduce which fork it is from the features e.g.wheel size, brake options, outlook, locking and adjustment mechanisms.

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Well, I just updated the Nishikis in my sig based on this info.I had previously made them a year newer based on component dates and a poor memory. These bikes were not in any catalogue and only a small handful were sold in Canada, so I don't imagine Nishiki made a special batch with Canadian serial numbers.Other manufacturers Over the years numerous other serial number formats have cropped up.Some are known manufacturers, while others are unidentified. These are some pics I took of my 83 Century when I first brought it home from the thrift store. I will repost when I get the serial number and some date codes off of the components I replaced.The date codes data is generally stamped on the drive side dropout.

Serial number foramt Gmmyy where, G = Giant mm = month where 01 = Jan, 02 = Feb, etc. Example: G0384 is a frame that was manufactured by Giant in March 1984. The format precedes 1978 though no samples have been reported on Nishiki bicycles.

I recently located this SR Sun Tour service manual, containing schematics of a load of forks.

Trouble is, my fork only has "XCR" on a sticker, and production date stamped.

The same model can have two different bottom cases which support disc and v-brake or just disc mounts.

I also have an XCR and the model is nowhere to be found.

At some forum this is discussed and links are provided to Sun Tour's XCM, XCR and XCR product lines.