Dating the royal blue

Léon (Lev) Nikolaevich Bakst – born as Leyb-Khaim Izrailevich (later Samoylovich) Rosenberg, (1866-1924) was a Russian painter and scene and costume designer.He was a member of the Sergei Diaghilev circle and the Ballets Russes, for which he designed exotic, richly coloured sets and costumes.

On July 12th 2018, I will depart on a spiritual journey to Ekaterinburg, where I will spend a week in the Ural capital, taking part in the Tsar’s Days events marking the 100th anniversary of the deaths and martyrdom of Emperor Nicholas II and his family.During my stay I will visit museums and churches who will be hosting a series of exhibitions in their memory.Many monarchs throughout history have killed family members.But even those royals might have been aghast at the actions of Russian tsar Peter the Great, who in 1718 had his eldest son tortured to death for allegedly conspiring against him.The following day, their bodies were removed and buried in a shallow grave about 3.8 km away in Porosenkov Log on the Koptyakovskaya Road on the northwestern outskirts of Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg).

There they would remain hidden for more than 60 years, before being discovered by local geologists in 1979.In the list of “Russian” roses were the names of almost all the emperors and empresses, grand dukes and grand duchesses.They were developed primarily by French rose breeders..This visit will mark my 29th journey to Russia, and my 3rd to the Ural capital.Royal Russia is pleased to offer our dedicated followers with the following full-length articles, on a variety of topics covering the Romanov dynasty, their legacy, monarchy, and the history of Imperial and Holy Russia, for the week ending 7 July 2018: Dmitri Pavlovich Dmitri Pavlovich explosive diaries have revealed his hatred towards George V.It was derived by the French gardener Jean-Pierre Vieber in 1835.