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In March this year, my number was up and my mother and sister escorted me to a camp in the ugliest town on the Greek coast, where I presented my conscription documents.I was lucky: the army found me unfit to serve for medical reasons and sent me away the same day. Let’s admit there might be some positives to a spell in the army in Britain, Greece or wherever; it can be an educational experience, especially for people growing up in rough environments and who lack the self-discipline required to succeed in education or work.

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Politely declining an invitation to join the army is not an option: for Greek men living abroad who do not show up for military duty, a €6,000 fine may be imposed.

Those living at home can have their passports confiscated.

Those with a culture of militarism justified by a constant fear of war (like Israel) and those using it to mask other issues - high unemployment, for instance - like Greece.

With a Tory government in place that literally has nothing in its manifesto to appeal to young people, who are faced with terrible odds when it comes to jobs, housing and stability, bringing back National Service would be a loud admission that, as a country, “we have no idea what to do with the young”.Wouldn't a smaller, professional and capable body be preferable?The time when countries maintained hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers was a a terrible one, and thankfully over.Good luck squeezing that out of George Osborne’s budget.But in the end, the most potent argument against such practices is one of culture: do we really want a society in which National Service, and therefore the military, plays such an integral part in young people's lives?My own run-in with the Greek army has given me some first-hand experience on the subject.