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Additionally, the cord has been cut or broken off, so I need to know how to open the motor and rewire it.

The first White sewing machine labelled as such was a vibrating-shuttle model introduced in 1876.

A vibrating-shuttle lock-stitch was introduced in 1876.

The tension device, now positioned on the sewing head, was adjusted by a thumb nut.

The machine was also larger, possessing a longer bed and higher arm than its predecessor.

This White model was described by a contemporary source as a machine of simple construction with a minimum number of parts, a good amount of space under the arm, featuring a feed on either side of the needle, and possessing a self-setting needle and a self-threading shuttle.

An improved version of the White vibrating shuttle was introduced in the late 1880s.It was replaced with an improved version in the 1890s which continued in production into the 1920s.In the late 1890s the company's vibrating-shuttle model was supplemented with a new rotary model, known initially as the "White Family Rotary".In 1858, at the age of 22 the founder of the company, Thomas White began manufacturing New England-type which he sold for apiece.The first machines were manufactured at the small Wilkinson Machine Shop in Templeton, Massachusetts.The number by the needle on the same plate is 21190. UPS also broke off a cast iron foot and you can't weld cast iron. This was a nightmare when I found it, and it's almost as bad now.