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Broadview Press ebooks are also available for purchase through the Google Play and Vital Source bookstores. All titles that are offered as an ebook will display this option on their respective product pages, above the “Buy Now” button.

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Either format will work for most devices, but if you are using a mobile device or e-reader, an EPUB will have some advantages (reflowable text, interactive features).

For more information about the different formats, please see paragraph below, PDF or EPUB.You will be provided with a summary of your order and a total price (including shipping for bound books) on the shopping cart page.You can easily switch from one reading device to another without losing your place.Once titles have been downloaded you may also read them offline.If you don’t have a Google or Gmail account, you may register for free.

Visit Google Play Books and search for the ebook title(s) of your choice.If your book doesn’t appear under a title and/or author search, try your search using the 13-digit ISBN, which can be found on the publisher’s website (The Google Play product page gives you the opportunity to preview a section of the text.If you experience any difficulty with your online order, please contact us at [email protected] we will be happy to assist you.How to Download Your Ebook Broadview ebooks run on the industry-standard platform and can be read on your computer (compatible with both PC and Mac), tablet, or smartphone (i OS or Android).All Broadview ebooks are available as high-quality PDFs (classified under Features as “scanned pages”) and many are also available as EPUBs, which are labeled as being in the “flowing text” format.