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Hard copy inventory in Arena Stage accession folder. 2010-003 consists of 1 box of files, correspondence, speeches, scripts, and some photographs. 9 boxes of research packets from plays that also include various script drafts, some by Sarah Ruhl. File folders and loose materials were removed from larger brown folders with photocopy of discarded brown folder labels.Also includes extensive material on Awake and Sing, and the speeches date from 1968 until 2004. Audiovisual and electronic records removed from paper records and placed in separate document box. Collection contains head shots, resumes and brief biographies of artistic personnel at Arena Stage including actor, actress, set designers, directors, and lighting designers.

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Ernst Mayr, German-born American Zoologist, is credited with modernizing the theory of evolution, a development sometimes called "the modern synthesis".

This is a synthesis of genetic, systematic, paleontological and ecological research integrated to form a coherent theory of evolution.

Today, Arena performs to over 250,000 patrons during a September to June season and employs nearly 200 theater professionals and craftpersons, who are responsible for all the costumes and scenery seen on stage.

Many now- famous actors took part in Arena Stage productions during the early part of their careers.

This, together with the country-folk’s inherent suspicion of strangers, poses problems for James Herriot in the early years of his career.

Gradually, James establishes himself with the people of Darrowby and is made a partner in the veterinary practice.

His early work was on the ornithology of the Pacific, leading three scientific expeditions to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands from 1928 to 1930.

In his later career he was best known for his neo-Darwinian views on evolution, published in his books Animal Species and Evolution in 1963, and Evolution and the Diversity of Life in 1976.

These papers cover Mayr's public and professional life.