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Throughout life, people of all ages choose to date for one reason or another.

Some couples in their 20's are only looking for a companion, while other's well into their 80's have been known to be sexually active.

Dating and friendship really go hand-in-hand in a successful dating relationship.

If the couple wants a close friendship with no expectations of a more serious tie, such as marriage, a companionship or friendship experience will work.

In 61 percent of cases, the aggressor is a partner, dating companion or a former partner and in nine percent of cases it is some other relative.

In 20 percent of cases, the perpetrator was someone known to the victim.

The ministry concluded that there is a gender divide in terms of the factors that contribute to insecurity.

Other variables such as age, location, income level, family background and education also seem to have a great impact on security.

Among women in relationships, some 22 percent said they had experienced violence at the hands of current or past partners.

The majority of homicides where women are the victims occur in relationships.

The report also revealed that very little is known about the relative security of different groups in society.

The study relied on information and interviews gathered from organisations working in the security field.

Some people search for a companion to out to dinner with, or to the theater, or a walk in the park.