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These simple sweet potatoes would easily grace our table during the holidays.

When my family switched our eating habits, we carried our love of vegetables and whole grains into the holidays as well.At first, the other members of my extended family were hesitant, but after a few years, they realized that while the food was heavily loaded with vegetables, it was still delicious.For this reason many women feel that it is quite fair that the man pay for activities on dates. Some men believe that if they spend money on a woman this entitles them to sexual favors. If you’re going to feel pressured to give in sexually to a man who spends a lot of money on you in an evening then insist on paying your own way. One way the issue of equity is often settled is by the man paying for out-of-pocket expenses and the woman repaying him by having him over for dinner. They may expect the man to bring flowers, a bottle of wine, or candy on a date when he comes to pick her up. Throughout history men have been the “providers” and women have been the “homemakers”.

What do you do if you’re a man and feel uncomfortable with all this? There are plenty of women who are willing to pay their own way. Some men feel quite bitter about society’s expectation that they pick up the tab on dates. Today, with a significant percentage of the American work force composed of women, this is no longer always the case. Another explanation is the fact that women only earn 72% of what men do in our society. Try to be accommodating to the needs of your date, but not at the cost of sacrificing your own values or comfort.

They were born four months ago at the Atlanta Zoo, and after some early trial and error, they’re finally getting to hang out with their mom together for the first time.

| This Panda Mom Is Adorably Obsessed With Her Babies I am not a holiday food purist.

If you’re a woman and prefer to pay your own way you’ll find that some men love it and others hate it.

So what are the rules for dating in America in the Eighties? What works with some singles, doesn’t work with others.

They prefer a “Dutch treat” where the bill is split.