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Yes, you can still see the daters’ bodies, which does still affect superficial impressions, but it is often the case that the picker rejects someone who he or she would normally be automatically drawn to. The voice over lady has a field day with the cringeworthy contents of the dates, and the unfortunate ‘reality’ of reality TV is that it often attracts the least likeable members of society.

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Our personalities colour the way we look to certain people.

Your partner doesn’t have to be the most physically attractive person in a room for you to see him or her that way.

but when it comes to potentially lifelong partnerships, looks fade, and a personality will endure.

But how do you assess how attractive someone’s personality is?

So what happens when you completely separate personality from looks?

Earlier this year, at the Science Museum Lates, new dating app Loveflutter carried out speed dating with a difference.

In a lot of ways, 2014 has seen the dating clock reset. But 2014 has also seen another interesting reaction to the Tinder era.

An increasing number of websites, events and even TV shows have come on to the scene, hoping to undermine the focus on looks, and remind us just how important personality is to attraction.

An app which almost exclusively relied on photos for partner match.

There are various reasons for the success of Tinder – not just the ease of only looking at photos.

The minimum effort set-up of the app, and the focus on elements such as mutual friends, shared interests, and geographic location have attracted a whole new breed of male online dater.