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Ideally, you will lock the customer into a "learning relationship," but sometimes very price-oriented customers will be wary of allowing such relationships to develop. Perpetual, cost-efficient innovation -- To the extent that you can stay ahead of your customer with innovative product or service ideas, you will always have something to sell.The trick here is to ensure that the high-end services you develop can only be duplicated by your competitors with great effort, even if they are instructed in advance (and they will be – by your customer! Your organizational mission must center on being nimbler, more creative and cost-efficient – all at the same time.The individuals within your own organization need to have personal relationships with the individuals within your customer's organization.

In our experience, you should concentrate on tactics that fall into any or all of these four general categories: 1.

Customization of services or products -- When you build a high-end, customized service around the more commodity-like products or services you are selling, then you can create switching costs that increase the customer's willingness to continue to deal with you rather than bidding out the contract at every opportunity.

And when Mattel offers Toys-R-Us an exclusive arrangement for particular configurations, or products with brand names such as Barbie or Hot Wheels or Harry Potter, it is making itself indispensable to this very tough customer.

Similarly, any sort of information system or added service that saves time or effort for the end user can also be expected to put pressure on the customer to buy.

This is a very simple process, as simple as just following these two simple steps; 1.

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But the value you are really bringing to the customer here is innovation – not the products themselves.