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Please do not equate pleasure, which is a human emotion with happiness, which is only found in God.

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Dating, Marriage and Sex In the proper order, dating precedes marriage, and marriage precedes sex.

In addressing this, I would like to briefly start with marriage then quickly touch on the topic of sex.

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Sexual relations have become not an expression of love but of lust! " to which many answer, “Yes, sex is great.” To this he responds, "NO! So, sex is holy and is only to be found within marriage, which is also holy.

And since marriage and everything that belongs to and in marriage is holy so it should be with everything that precedes it! People date or should date to seek a "match"– someone compatible to form a life-long, committed relationship with through marriage. And for it to be holy, both man and woman must exercise and maintain the virtues of chastity and purity.Second, Jesus elevated marriage to a sacrament in which God gives graces to the husband and wife, helping them exercise their duties to each other and to their children.Third, marriage makes it possible for one to cooperate with God in creating life.Same-sex marriage has been legalized in the District of Columbia and 21 Native American tribal jurisdictions as well.The exceptions have been a state court in Tennessee, U.Its purpose is the union of husband, wife and God in the creation of new life.