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In order to get date scenes and special events, keep trying to combine different CGs to see the results. Keep experimenting with combinations of responses to unlock scenarios in story mode.

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D-pad - Move Focus area around the Screen L R - Select screen area Minigames: Watermelon Splitting L - Drift Left R - Drift Right Tug of War: X, O, A, [] - Follow the commands onscreen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.

Routes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Note: As far as I know, certain characters have a "special event" unique to them.

It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Recognition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Game System ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This game plays like a regular multiple ending dating simulator with a few unique features: 1.

Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. More information about omake and mechanics to be added later. Trouble Scene This mechanic is triggered at certain points in the game, it usually happens when an ecchi scene is imminenent.

The first CG you select is always a Character and every other CG becomes an Activity CG.

(Though you end up getting sick of seeing Saruyama most of the time) The general rule of thumb is to select a Character, and combine it with Activity CG.

If you manage to unlock this event, chances are that you will get their ending.) (Note 2: This is not meant to unlock all event scenes or CGs, just to get certain endings.) (Note 3: Contains some spoilers) Format: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lala (ララ) Route: Haruna gets kidnapped by Emi; Run and Yami help Just be nice to Lala and select her every time a choice comes up.

(Barbeque) (Tell Ghost Story) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Haruna (春菜) Route: She gets kidnapped by Emi; Saki and Kotegawa help Same as Lala route, except for Haruna.

In this mode, you can view your CGs, access the scene viewer, listen to special voice segments, replay events that you have experienced in the game (scenario chart), replay minigames and listen to BGMs.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Controls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Normal: Directional Buttons (Up and Down) - Select Choices A - Menu O - Select X - Cancel Hold Circle - Auto Mode Start - Skip (Only active if current scene has already been seen) [] - Back Log Dual Episode: L - Talk to Lala R - Talk to Haruna Trouble Scenes: L R - Activate 2nd Mode Second Mode: L or R - Hold down to Focus Screen. If Doki Doki meter reaches 100, the scene will fail.

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