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From there, he’ll be assigned to an Embassy for three years. When I realized I didn’t want anything serious, I made that clear on my Match profile and interest drastically declined. Essentially, your profile is no more than six pictures and a very limited amount of words.Even though he’s leaving, he’ll always have a very special place in my heart. At a time when I needed to have my faith in men restored, he did that for me. After being in a critical relationship and subsequently betrayed by my own husband, he was the gentle and encouraging person I needed in my life. One guy asked why I was on Match if I didn’t want something serious. When going through other profiles you just see the person’s main picture, and below it is a red ‘X’ or a green heart.

The truth is the biggest and most successful online dating sites are built to cater to casual daters. You go and tell your friends “Wow, I might have met the perfect one. Then the disguise comes down and you get to find out what they are really about.Most individuals put their best foot forward when meeting someone new. Unfortunately many individuals promise us the stars but deliver us nothing but dirt.In fact, many people really put forward an alter ego when dating someone long-distance because it’s not hard to keep up the disguise for short periods of time.Also be aware that many singles in relationships cheat and try to connect with somebody who lives across the country where it would be difficult for their significant other to find out.I tend to self-reflect so I’ll spend time coping, holed up for a while, and it’s the best thing for me. Shortly after my last article, I started dating someone regularly—a handsome piece of dark chocolate who was just as gorgeous on the inside.

He’s in the military, so he was about three hours away.From there you can post “Moments” which are pictures that all of your matches can see.Sure there are a plethora of shirtless pictures and pointless quotes, but there are also some quality people on Tinder… 😉 My profile is snarky and egotistical, just like me.A quick recap: my divorce is final, I’ve been questioning whether or not I want to stick with law, and I’ve dated a lot…then some more, and I’ve really come into my own.When I first started writing these articles, I was still going through my self-discovery phase.In fact, one line is “Shallow like the pool I dove in”.