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Self-financed by Phil & Michelle Kenihan, Andrew & Stephen Duffield For Cassie. Good News Week was an Australian satirical panel game show hosted by Paul Mc Dermott that aired from 19 April 1996 to , and 11 February 2008 to 28 April 2012.New rules for individuals to report their overseas holdings could also lead to more caution, particularly in connection with a stricter line against corruption and tax evasion.

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The most significant acquisitions were National security screening remains an important consideration for Chinese investors, and recent data show that filings with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) have increased along with growing number of deals (Figure 5).

In 2013, several high-profile transactions were impacted by national security complications, including the sale of .

Chinese investment in the United States doubled in 2013, driven by large-scale acquisitions in food, energy and real estate.

Private firms are now dominating capital inflows, accounting for more than 80% of transactions and more than 70% of total transaction value.

In 2013, private firms and entrepreneurs accounted for 87% of transactions and 76% of total value (Figure 3).2013 was a milestone for employment provided by Chinese firms in the United States.

According to our count, Chinese-owned companies provided more than 70,000 full-time jobs in the United States by the end of 2013, a more than 8-fold increase compared to 2007 (around 9,000 jobs) (Figure 4).

A second risk is that Beijing chokes back on capital account liberalization out of fear of a major crisis on the road to rebalancing.

Structural reforms, including financial sector opening and capital account liberalization, are risky, and in case of instability, China may take steps to reverse the recent course of more openness to overseas investment.

The reforms laid out in Beijing would eliminate some of these hurdles, leaving the decision of whether to make direct investments abroad in the hands of businesses.

In December, a notice by the State Council indicated that China will cut back the role of the National Development and Reform Commission in the OFDI approval process, an important first step towards a more liberal and less bureaucratic regulatory environment. The US continues to be an attractive place for China’s new generation of outbound investors: With its large market, educated workforce and world-leading technology and brands, the United States has strong appeal to the next generation of Chinese outbound investors.

We count a total of 82 investments, split between 44 acquisitions and 38 greenfield projects (though the number of greenfield investments will likely be upward-revised in coming months).