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His passport and driving licence therefore carried the magisterial title: Blaize Falconburger. I would argue that Murphy's collusion in this stunt was a heroic act, worthy of the sort of journalistic laudation usually saved for a Woodward, Bernstein, Pilger or Hersh.

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"Welshy is only a distilled part of me, mind, the more silly side.

I have fun but in the media you don't see the anyone entirely. I don't think there is anyone out there who is exactly what they sound like on the radio.

But for the most part, they remain the great, unheralded heroes of modern broadcasting: to be laughed at, to play Laurel to their overpaid employer's Hardy, be the butt of his jokes, and generally fill the traditional role of a bloke who takes custard-pies in the face.

Recently, I spent two days shadowing Brian Murphy, a producer who fulfils the sidekick role on Christian O'Connell's Virgin Radio show.

Across Britain, fans repeat his catchphrase: "People who live in glass houses...

have to answer the door." All of which illustrates two important facts about modern broadcasting.

The pair have since welcomed two-year-old Aaliyah in 2015, and two-month-old Xander in April.

A year ago, in a slot where you would usually find the thoughts of statesmanlike world leaders, senior politicians or agenda-setting journalists, The Spectator ran an interview with Karl Pilkington, a little-known radio producer who had become Ricky Gervais's sidekick on Xfm.

They have to tick every single box.” She then went on to add: “If there’s one tiny thing wrong like the middle toe’s longer than their big toe he goes off on one.” Clearly feeling a little embarrassed about the chat, Gethin then said: “I am starting to feel really uncomfortable with this conversation.” Obviously, while there’s been no reason to think the pair actually broke up over classical singer Katherine’s feet, her middle toe does appear to be longer than her big one in some photos. The pair met in 2007 when Gethin was a presenter on Blue Peter and she was a guest on the show.

After dating for four years, they called it quits in 2011 and Katherine has since claimed it was Gethin’s decision. two weeks later I had to go on a UK tour…”, she told The Mirror at the time.

Additional reporting by Jamie Merrill Justin Waite Boss: Johnny Vaughan Employer: Capital Radio Justin Waite, aka Welshy, is the soundman and official laughing stock on Capital Radio's Johnny Vaughan Breakfast Show.