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This document will expire as APA Policy by February 2021.After this date, users should contact the APA Practice Directorate to determine whether this document remains in effect. Individuals with disabilities and their advocates have worked for more than 40 years to eliminate attitudinal and physical barriers, to be fully included in all aspects of society, and to secure the freedom to choose their own futures (Jaeger & Bowman, 2005; Priestley, 2001; Switzer, 2008).

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In 2007, the Council of Representatives allocated ,500 from its 2007 discretionary funds to support two additional Task Force meetings.

No other group or individual contributed financial support, and no Task Force members or their sponsoring organizations will derive financial benefit from approval or implementation of these guidelines.

Unfortunately, while psychologists receive extensive training in treating mental health disorders, they rarely receive adequate education or training in disability issues (Leigh, Corbett, Gutman, & Morere, 1996; Olkin & Pledger, 2003; Rubino, 2001; Strike, Skovholt, & Hummel, 2004).

Few graduate psychology training programs offer disability coursework (Olkin, 2000; Olkin & Pledger, 2003).

Such interest might contribute to needed research on disability-related issues in assessments and interventions.

In particular, we encourage the development and use of empirically informed treatments and assessments for clients with disabilities (Olkin & Taliaferro, 2005).

Leigh, Ph D (Gallaudet University, Washington DC); Elina Manghi, Psy D (Adler School of Professional Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois); Izabela Z.

Geisinger, Ph D (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska); Kay Kriegsman, Ph D (independent practice, Bethesda, Maryland); Irene W.

Above and beyond their experiences, persons with disabilities have their own life experiences and, like everyone else, their own personal characteristics, histories, and life contexts.

To work effectively with people who have disabilities, psychologists need to become familiar with how disability influences a client’s psychological well being and functioning.

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