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Several months later, Tim and his mother hear the news that his father has died on a prison ship.

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Tim finds an excuse to visit his brother when Rebel soldiers enter his house and violently demand his father's gun, which is with Sam.

Tim runs to Sam's hideout, steals the gun and runs, but is soon over taken by Sam.

Tim tries to break into the encampment and save his brother, but nothing comes of it.

On February 16, 1779, Tim looks on as Sam is publicly shot.

On the way there they are stopped by "cow- boys," Rebel roadside terrorists, who harass them a bit.

On the way back Tim's father is kidnapped by the same cow-boys.

He tries to talk Sam out of going to war, but without success.

In the hut, Sam's girlfriend Betsy Read asks Tim which side he supports, and Tim has trouble deciding between his Father's loyalty to the British government and his brother's loyalty to the idea of an independent nation. Sam leaves, and after several months Betsy notifies Tim that Sam has returned.

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However, this does not mean that the Book lacked the final chapter at Qumran, since Dan is quoted in the Florilegium (4Q174), which explicitly tells us that it is written in the Book of Daniel the Prophet.