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To make the decision process easier, it is necessary to understand what the different solutions are, how they compare to one another, and how to decide whether they can fulfill your requirements.There are two types of storage solutions available today: onsite and online, a.k.a. Onsite data storage usually refers to the storage of your information on local servers, hard drives, external hard drives, including thumb drives, USB/Fire Wire drives, CDs, and DVDs.

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When it comes to security, online storage solutions tend to be more favorable than onsite solutions.

Many people worry that their data may be intercepted during a file upload or download.

When data is stored at a well maintained data center, there is a much lower risk of losing files and folders due to a malfunction, since a team of professionals will be maintaining all of the data servers at all times.

Additionally, onsite data storage devices are susceptible to being attacked by viruses that are on your computer or your local network, while online storage services are not.

Both onsite and online storage solutions have their advantages and disadvantages.

For many people, speed is a major concern, since they need to be able to back up their data efficiently and without interruption.

Fortunately, data is encrypted for security purposes during both downloads and uploads, which makes it very difficult for outsiders to steal any information.

Other great security advantages of storing data online is that it is not susceptible to being lost due to any disasters that occur in your home or place of work, and your data cannot easily be stolen.

The manner in which data is accessed via onsite and online storage solutions differs greatly, and in many regards, online storage solutions have the upper hand.

When using an external hard drive, CD, or a local server for data storage, data cannot easily be accessed anywhere and everywhere, nor can it easily be shared with others.

This is not always the case with online storage services.