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Originally the royal home of the Gorm the Old, Jelling remains a vital part of Denmark’s history, particularly as this Viking king was the first of the royal line which still rules the country today.

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Today, Amalienborg Slot is the winter home of the Danish royals.Visitors can tour parts of Amalienborg Slot, viewing royal collections and objects as well as enjoying the palace’s Rococo architecture, including the ornate Knight’s Chamber.The first incarnation of Kronborg Slot or Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, Denmark was constructed in the 1420’s by Erik of Pomerania.Known as Krogen or “the Hook”, this was a heavily fortified structure.This site also features as one of our Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Denmark.

Amalienborg Slot in northern Copenhagen is a Rococo style palace originally constructed under the orders of King Frederik V.

The entrance hall of the palace is also fascinating, having been restored to its eighteenth century state.

In the central courtyard, the sculpture of Frederik V is understood to have been as expensive to create as Amalienborg Slot itself.

The museum’s collection is mostly made up of artwork relating to Denmark’s past, including portraits of former monarchs and paintings of important events throughout its history.

The Viking Ship Museum (Vikingeskibsmuseet) is located in Roskilde in Denmark.

Following a fire in 1859, which ravaged much of the castle, Frederiksborg Slot was restored and now serves in large part as Denmark’s National History Museum.