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He would land at Auld Alliance where he continued to hone his whisky expertise, and where he got spotted by William Grant & Sons for the ambassadorial role for its top-selling Glenfiddich brand.

“Without Elaine’s support in those early years, I never would have ended up as the Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador for APAC,” Matthew muses. But those who know will be aware than the pint-sized Elaine is founder of public relations firm Brand Inc that’s behind many editions of Singapore’s leading annual spirits fair Whisky Live.

Ghim Hui and XF were late, so Wong and I were looking thru the mag stands. Here's a sum up for you: Rebecca Tan, rebecca tan, rebecca tan, denise Keller, jaymee ong, jaymee ong, fann wong, zoe tay, fiona xie, rebecca tan, jaymee ong, denise keller, denise keller, belinda lee, denise keller rebecca tan, Jaymee Ong, Fann, zoe, fann, fiona, zoe, jaymee, becky, denise, becky THE SAME FACES OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Apparently this month she is on the cover of "SHAPE" or some health mag with a rainbow bikini. Since I was in such a horrific mood, I looked at all the magazine covers and decided I hate all the Singapore models. I know she has really kickass boobs, but is there really a need to use her so many times we all can draw her face with our eyes closed and hands miamed? Do we really have a lack of models for using as cover girls? *Note: Blogged halfway a long time ago* I am in a bad mood so I shall adopt what all people do when they are in a bad mood - Impose their bad mood on others. I HOPE YOUR DAY SUCKED AND YOUR BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND DUMPED YOU YOU ! *deep gasp from the shocked audience* So as I was saying ... Not that she is ugly or anything near that, but how many products does she endorse? 1) Lee Hwa Jewellery (or whatever that ad is where she lifts up her arms in an convertible car) 2) Some feet massage thingy currently showing on TV 3) A boob cream 4) Perlini silver?

Yesterday I was whipping around Holland Village like a Tasmanian Devil while waiting for Eekean and the rest of the RV gang to come along. What do you see when you look at the average magazine cover?! 5) Random product A 6) Random product B 7) Random product C 8) Some milk thingy?

Speaking of over-exposed models, may I present to you ....

Anyway, it was apparent what the BIG HOOHA was about. I don't see the big fuss about air waitresses, seriously.

5) Has so much money he doesn't mind paying for something as long as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Plenty of logic behind that too I guess: 1) Is a good fuck 2) Is too dumb to notice if you cheat on her (or doesn't care since she cheats too) 3) Children will look good - (but are so stupid they will all get herpes at the age of 11) 4) Can show off like trophy and make the guy with the smart but ugly wife pissed off (but his smart son will trash your business).

And her breasts ah, small small only, still talk so much! Truth is, there is only one reason why they keep using the old crowd: There is indeed not enough models. Is everyone too smart and educated to take a job which under-utilises their brains nowadays? Model 3: I don't know leh, I think we sort of bounce about. Going by pure logic and no sexual elements, these rich guys should be relatively smart right, that's why they made it rich/maintained wealth.