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The The common language runtime (CLR) requires overloaded methods to have a unique parameter signature (same method name but different list of parameters).

First off, you’ll need to tell the server to perform the action of translation whenever the user presses the ‘Translate’ button.

This is done using an event handler, and the name of the event handler for pressing a button is ‘Click’.

Thus, in your code, when the page loads you can tell it that it should call a function called ‘Button1_Click’ whenever the user presses the button.

To do this, edit cs so that it looks like this: Now, whenever the user presses the button, the code in Button1_Click will be called.

We’ll need this code to perform a number of things in order to do a translation: 1.

Use the Client ID and Client Secret to get the access token. The first thing you need to do for this is to set up an Adm Access Token class which stores the information returned from the Windows Azure Marketplace service.NET MVC application that stores data in a local DB database.You can create, read, update, delete, and search for movies.For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post. If I run it, the above controller action returns the following two paths: Notice the distinction between web root and content root: The web root is the root directory from which static content is served, while the content root is the application base path.However—for the sake of completeness—viewmodels represent only the data that you want displayed in your view; assuming a view displaying the first and last name of an employee, there's no reason to send back an var parent View Model = new Parent View Model(); var your View Model = new Your View Model(); //populate it and attach it to the parent viewmodel parent View Model.