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It was just another day of arriving at our cabin for the weekend. We unloaded the car and put the food and clothes away.We had both worked too many hours and were so looking forward to this long weekend alone. We put fresh sheets on our bed and I remember looking at you and kidding you about making it up as we both knew that it was going to be torn apart later.

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As I shift our bodies so you are on your back, I break our kiss and look you deep in your eyes. My hand slides down your chest to your jeans and unbuttons them.I feel your hands pulling at my shirt and I stop and pull it over my head.My tongue flits over it as my finger begins to massage each fold. Your sighs and moans telling me what you need when.My hardness is straining inside my pants and when I feel that your orgasm is close I slow down my tongue and fingers letting your arousal plateau and hold you just on the edge. I grab your jeans and panties and pull them the rest of the way off. You break our kiss and bend forward engulfing me completely.I let my hand trace the outline of each breast as I watch your face.

Your eyes slightly closed as the sun radiates off your golden skin.

I watch as you sit up and kiss me deeply and your hands unzip my jeans. I let out a low groan of pleasure as your work your mouth up and down with your tongue swirling around the crown. I am so close to cumming I scream and I pull my cock out of your mouth and turn your around.

With you on your hands and knees I grab the base of my cock and slide it slowly between your thighs and run the head over your engorged clit till I hear you tell to please just fuck you. I slow down and lean over you my hand reaches under you and begins to rub back and forth over your clit. I increase my tempo trying to match your movements so we orgasm together.

A light lunch followed filled with talk and laughter.

I remember I was mesmerized by your eyes glistening with pleasure as they looked out the window.

My finger dips inside and I can feel the warm moisture inviting me in.