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For the same reasons so many other men are having trouble finding relationships?

(Just speculating, of course.) My partner has a disability but never had problems finding relationships because of it.

#1 I can do anything any other man can do except I do things differently. I shower on my own, I cook for myself, I do my own laundry...list goes on.I see so many women involved with losers that treat them like crud and wonder why they can't notice me.OP/sad fact is a certain % will be turned off by the disability aspect.You say certain things about your disability,can you by chance expand your about me a little bit more to include the type things you do now,as well as your interests.Believe it or not, most women don't have relationships plop down from the sky and into their laps either. That shouldnt discouraged you from dating, just finding the right person for US is the challenge part...

God/Fate will put that someone into your path when the timing is right...

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