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” Lisa admits that it’s important to find your own passions again, saying that “Men love women who are really passionate and enthusiastic about something.” Caroline also agrees that it’s important to take time for before dating again, “It’s really important for a woman to know where she’s at, where she’s heading and the type of person she wants to meet to enjoy life with before she gets on the dating train – especially if she’s previously been married for decades.” “We encourage our clients be open to meeting a diverse mix of people and to throw away their supposed ‘list'”, Caroline says.

“Many things that are on a woman’s ‘must have’ list for a partner are things that actually aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things and things that, should an amazing guy come along, they would be more than willing to compromise on.” “If you have more than 3 things on your non-negotiable list then go back and look at them each in turn and answer ‘Why is this so important to me?

Lisa tells us – “The only purpose of a first date is to get to a second. You may have a family, responsibilities, have travelled the world, been divorced – who knows!

’ Often what was important to us years ago isn’t as important now.

Don’t miss out on meeting wonderful people for the sake of thinking he has to be tall!

They want to meet someone but also want to stay in their cosy safe spot – their comfort zone.” Lisa agrees, stating that, “You think you’re coming to the table as less than perfect, but we forget how awesome we are at 50.” But despite these worries, Caroline has said that she found that; “Women who are 50 are much more open and honest.

They don’t try and hide what they’re looking for, but they’re more willing to compromise.

” Lisa agrees, stating that it’s also key to take a look at your previous patterns of men.

She says to be careful with this, “As we can often re-attract the same guy”, which isn’t necessarily always a good thing.

Caroline said that anxieties can plague 50 women when it comes to dating.

What are some of the most common anxieties she’s found women over 50 have when it comes to dating?

“That there aren’t any eligible single men left (there are!

), that no men will be interested in them, that they aren’t in shape, and a fear of rejection.

I do try to ensure that women I coach are realistic though, by telling them that they aren’t going to feel a connection with everyone they meet, and it might take a fair bit of dating before they meet the right one for them – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.