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Credits aren’t immediately available for withdrawal. Each batch of newly mined credits is initially locked.

The credits you earn become available for withdrawal intermittently.

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Traditionally, we start with Facebook publications. After the necessary tests, we will connect the other popular social networks for publication.

You can download the client by following the link: https://postingblues.me/download-client We have also prepared several useful articles for you in our Knowledge Base: Posting Blues Client instruction Recommendations for secure posting in Facebook groups What is a spam and how to deal with it?

Using Posting Blues - is a simple way to create, publish and promote your content.

In a few steps, you can show your promo content to thousands of potentional customers or fans.

Yes, we support operation of one account from several computers.

In this case, the credits for your private key will be earned faster, because the mining speed will be summed up between all the computers used.With Posting Blues you can easily reach your existing or expand your customer base.If you continue to create informative, important or just fresh shareable content, you will soon notice that there is an audience of people waiting for your next piece of content.What makes Posting Blues great is the combination of simplicity combined with an automated feature set to make the entire publishing process easier. Introducing to your attention new Posting Blues Desktop Client - a program for automatically publishing content to social networks.A new powerful engine will allow you to publish posts to your news feed, pages and groups.(it must be read before publication begins) Limits and restrictions in Facebook Attention: to all users who have ever paid for a subscription in the Posting Blues service, we will give you another 7 days subscription.