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Dougie and Lara have been dating since mid-2011, confessing: “Will I marry Lara? “I’d quite like a Star Wars-themed wedding.” Aftetr winning the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle crown in December 2011, Dougie confessed: “Let’s just say I definitely think she’s The One. I haven’t really thought about when, but I can’t wait.

“They’re gonna be little crocodile hunters.” For further information visit

The bassist wants to tie the knot with ‘soulmate’ Lara Carew-Jones Dougie Poynter could well be the third member of Mc Fly to tie the knot after admitting that he’s ready to settle down with long-term girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones.

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It seems the pop-up’s collection, which was held at The Gallery in London in trendy East London, was quite a draw for boybands old and new.

Harry posed up alongside Mc Fly members Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones.

The famous foursome – Dougie and bandmates Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Harry Judd – are all expected to come along to show their support.

Art work by Damian Hirst, Harland Miller and Marc Quinn will also be showcased at the trendy gallery.The boyband extravaganza didn’t stop there though as they were also joined by Busted member Matt Willis.While Harry was the youngest by far, he certainly was the best dressed as he looked very dapper in a blue shirt, overcoat and his trademark black skinny jeans.When the door creaked slightly, Dougie jumped and stared at Tom with wide eyes until he realised where the sound had come from and who was there standing in the doorway." It's a sweet snuggle for about four minutes before Tom feels Dougie’s dick poking at his hip, Dougie absentmindedly petting Tom's sides and tummy with warm, curious fingers.Tom clears his throat when Dougie finds the strip of skin between Tom's pants and tee, but Dougie doesn’t seem to notice. "You're, uh, poking me a bit, Doug." Dougie tries to jerk away, tries to tell his father to get off of him, to let him go, but his father keeps shaking him, right up in his face, and suddenly it’s not his father, it’s blond hair and worried brown eyes, and “Dougie, Dougie, wake up, please, come on, wake up, Doug.” Dougie hasn’t even had time to get uncomfortable in his hiding place before he hears footsteps.Soulmates are there to help you find your twin flame.” Bandmate Harry married violinist Izzy Johnston wed in December, and the hunky Mc Fly drummer believes it’s only a matter of time before Dougie and close pal Lara settle down.