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Kate, 50, went on to probe: “Why are you so direct?You’ve opened up about being bullied at school.”“Oh, so you’re saying that I’m picking on people and likening it to bullying,” a shocked Jason said.“I am there to a critique based on my expertise.“If I was there to sit there and spout technical jargon, it’s lost on the viewers.

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Speaking at the launch of Jason Gardiner’s latest stage production Ruthless!, Duncan said: “I think because I haven't kept up my physiotherapy and I've been working so much I haven't been able to do what I need to do so my back's still bad.My life is about doing what I do and I've been doing it since I was five years old.All you can have is your health and it affects everything.One fan questioned: “How is it fair that Jake and Max both had more dancers both men and women and Brooke only had men!

"Brooke also commented on this at the end of the show after Jake had been announced as the winner, as she jokingly said: “Are you sure it’s not a fix?

"Asked if he would have got the boyfriend without the procedure, he added: "Probably.

I've got a fantastic personality and a big d*ck too!

I have to make a point and get it into their heads.

Whether you agree with what I do, it gets results.”Ben noted: “When they improve, you do give them the marks.”Good Morning Britain viewers were quick to comment on the interview, with many claiming the segment was “uncomfortable” to watch.

He told the Sun’s Bizarre column he recently went for a scan which turned out worse than expected and has had to turn down offers for upcoming roles as a result.