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By default you will see this configuration : You can select other starts with and delimiters.

(Before this make sure that .classpath file is not read-only) - This will add all the jars in to project as well as plug-in's run-time classpath.

- Then configure plug-in dependencies by going to "Dependencies" tab.

If you wish to download and install node.js, it's important to restart your computer before using Angular JS Eclipse in order to your OS update correctly your "PATH" environment with your installed

This section is about "project properties" dialog which is available if you select your project and use "Properties" menu item of the contextual menu (or Alt/Enter).

When I tried to validate the file the spring IDE it was showing following errors and warnings in "Problems" / "Error Log" view of eclipse Here, I am going to discuss the approaches I used to solve these issues.

Issue 1: Unable to locate Spring Namespace handler...

Tern module is a Tern Plugin or JSON Type definition. The angular plugin gives you the capability to retrieve module, controllers,(custom) directives, etc from your javascript, manages completion hyperlink, hover, validation in HTML and Java Script editor.

It's enable to emulate the angular injection on your $scope, $http, etc.

This would probably solve this issue, but still this error is not resolved for me.

In this case I have applied second solution of contributing Namespace Handler using eclipse plug-in as follows:.

You can select other tern module like j Query for instance to benefit with j Query completion inside Java Script Editor.