Eclipse updating indexes heap space

For example, to do the natal chart for the alt.astrology newsgroup using the -qa switch, one may enter the intuitive -qa Jul 29 1991ad pm -10 151e13 33s52.

Correct parsing of strings is done on the command line (and in files since they are technically command lines) in addition to when the user is being prompted for data within the program.

4) Text Display: Descriptions of things that appear in Astrolog text displays are described. This list will also show the zodiac signs that planets rule, have their detriment in, are exalted in, and have their fall i.e. Stars are printed in the list along with their azimuth, altitude, and brightness values.

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Aspects should be based on their formal abbreviations, e.g. Astrolog (version 6.30) command switches: Display this help list.

Some stars (along with Vulcan and Vulkanus) have the same first three characters, so they need longer substrings to be unambiguous.

For convenience the program will terminate right away and not prompt for chart info if the only thing specified is one of the tables, e.g.

The various static help listings that may be generated, such as the lists from -H, -HO, -HI, and so on, may be combined with each other and even the actual charts.

(On Unix and other systems they will be displayed with the standard leading -.) Display program credits and copyrights.

To accommodate this, this list of options available does, if the program has been compiled for a PC, display all the switches with a leading / instead of a -.

Any command switch that takes an index number as a parameter may have it specified by its actual name instead of a harder to remember value.

The items may be entered in other standard and simpler forms as well, such as just -qa 7 29 1991 18.23 -10 -151.13 -33.52.

That is slightly simpler than the -I 80 -I double toggle hack that would have to be done to do such a thing otherwise.

For example, : I 80 won't affect the interpretation setting at all, but will still set the default screen width to 80 columns.

List aspects within orb among transiting planets in influence order. In the command list below, greater than/less than symbols ('') are used to denote a command switch parameter to be replaced by the appropriate value, brackets ('[' and ']') are used to denote an optional parameter, and commas are used to separate either/or choices.