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Sherlock Holmes is confused, he cannot really tell what is happening to him, but he knows he is discontent with his present life.

During a case he comes across the scent of an omega, soon the ghost of that scent starts to haunt him, it is not long until he surrenders to the obsession of it and starts looking for the owner of that (enchanting, enticing, entrancing) scent.

Despite not normally being interested in the university party scene, once a month Taehyung needs the excitement of going out and hooking up with a stranger, who he'll definitely never see again.

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A/N This will be my first jab at the Hybrid AU and I'm a little nervous about this. his eyes are glazed over, bloodshot as if he were crying for a long time.Please give your honest opinion about it and if I should continue. He tried his best to be quiet as he set his things down, the bag gracefully falling over and making a loud bang. his lips are bitten and swollen; a deep red as if painted with blood.However thinking and drowning in sadness are two different things.And he quickly finds himself less alone, than he thinks.However, his life takes a strange turn when Jeongguk comes along.

Jeongguk owns a small You Tube channel that has great potential: Golden Closet Films.

Or, the one where Alpha Jungkook hooks up with Omega Taehyung at a college party, but Taehyung doesn't know he's a werewolf.

Taehyung is a hunter who's been living alone for years in Seoul.

Jeon Jeongguk is a rising talent at Bangtan Sonyeondan, one of the best protection service agencies in Seoul, but his new assignment is going to test his abilities and his patience, especially since he can't stand idols.

I'm Min Yoongi and I have a pretty interesting story for you. A werewolf saves a merman from being captured...a demon trapped by a witch for potion needs...a vampire with a deadly curse...a fairy who finds a severely wounded elf.

Bangtan Sonyeondan rules Seoul and the rest of South Korea and has kept the peace for 3 years, but now a rival gang, Exo, has threatened to break the peace and dragged innocent Park Jimin into a world he never wanted to see.