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Almost everyone knows a friend who's tried online dating.

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But it's important to remember that it was never supposed to be easy to meet the right person.

Trying to grasp the vagaries of romantic love has for centuries been left to the poets and philosophers.

In this edition of ‘Cat Chats, Northwestern University’s Eli J.

Finkel shows how far scientific inquiry has come in understanding matters of the heart -- and how far it has to go.

First, poring over seemingly endless lists of profiles of people one does not know, as on, does not reveal much about them.

Second, it "overloads people and they end up shutting down," Finkel said.Many couples are now seeking high-level emotional and psychological fulfillment in their marriages, as opposed to decades past when the institution tended to be more practical, almost transactional, in nature.Finkel, a professor in the psychology department and the Kellogg School of Management, covers these trends and more in a lively conversation based on his research on romantic attraction and relationships."What we want is a great deal of choice, and the easy access to possible partners is online."The All-or-Nothing Marriage," he shares his research findings which deems that women today are marrying later, and they're using those extra years before marriage to establish their careers, learn about themselves and to date more broadly."Through dating a number of people (whether it's serious or more casual), we get to learn about ourselves, who we are in the context of a relationship and what we need in a partner," Eli said.Technology is enabling all of that in the background, which is a positive thing, because it allows people to make more sensible decisions when it comes time to marry, he explained.For daters out there who are still looking, Eli's advice is to keep trying and to use online methods.